With virtual experience of space you can easily show what product, room or brand experience you have to offer. You can make complex products tangible at first hand, no matter what your industry may be.

We develop individual solutions for virtual, mixed and augmented reality applications and advises companies on the conception, implementation and technical realization of corresponding projects.

We offer the development of VR, MR and AR applications in best quality and using the latest technologies such as iOS ARkit, Android ARCore, Microsoft Hololens and for all VR platforms such as Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.


  • Premium Quality: We do not design 360 degree videos but deliver the highest possible immersion in real virtual environments
  • Easy navigation: We develop user interfaces that are optimally adapted to the devices used
  • Interactivity: We not only develop an app, but also design the story of the virtual experience for you
  • Fast implementation: We develop quickly and efficiently utilizing basic standards and you receive your solution within a few weeks
  • Optimization for all devices: Our apps are cross-platform optimized and can run on all common devices

„ZREALITY is the right partner for all companies that want to correctly assess the potential of VR and use it in their business processes. Together, we have shown what the current VR technology can achieve in the clothing industry. Our project went according to plan – in time and budget. Our customers were thrilled.“

Dr. Andreas Seidl, Managing Partner, Human Solutions Gruppe


„As a medium that is traditionally perceived acoustically, it is important for us to be modern and close to the public. Using 180° stereo technology, we were able to present the inner workings of our studio in a completely new way and to carry them outwards. ZREALITY GmbH is a competent partner in the conception, consulting and development of such innovative applications in the field of Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality.“

Andy Abel, Head of Digital Development, RPR Group

„The Vollack Group is always active as an expert for forward-looking working environments in the integration of new technologies. Thus, visualizations of building projects also help to achieve the earliest possible transparency. ZREALITY GmbH is a competent partner in the field of Virtual Reality as a valuable instrument. We rely on the innovative power and expertise of the digital professionals!“

Carsten Kipper, Partner, Vollack GmbH & Co. KG


  • Consultation: Your requirements will be examined in a first interview and first solution proposals will be derived.
  • Data analysis and preperation: We review the data you provide and prepare it for use in the apps being developed.
  • Workshop: During a joint meeting, the specification for the desired app will be decided, which serves as the basis for the development.
  • Development: We optimize the available data, model the corresponding user experience in the virtual space and develop the application.
  • Provisioning: We provide you with the ready-made app for download and publish it if necessary in the relevant app stores.