Sphere.Events – Events in a new dimension

Jun 9, 2020

Virtual exhibitions & events allow direct customer contact online. They are open 365 days a year, regardless of location, and they can easily reach not just a few hundred, but an unlimited number of visitors! Interactive 3D and VR worlds make a visit to an exhibition an unforgettable experience for every user.

The highlights of our solution:

  • Beautifully designed architecture
  • Flexible configuration and expansion options
  • Registration area and agenda
  • Network Area
  • Exhibition area for products
  • Live stage in an auditorium
  • Live video and chat with integrations to chat and conference tools like ZOOM or MS Teams
  • Interactive avatars
  • Downloadable content like brochures
  • Content-Management & Analytics

Here you can learn more about our solution Sphere.Events!

ZREALITY & Topideas Digital Masterclass: Bringing Online Events into the Virtual World

In this exclusive Masterclass you will learn how major brands, such as IBM, National Geographic, ZDF and the University of Munich conducted highly successful virtual events, what you need to launch an event in the 3D world and what benefits it brings to your business.

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