Work in a new dimension

We connect people in virtual spaces with Zreality Grids – an easy-to-use 3D, virtual, and augmented reality platform.


Meet in virtual spaces – from anywhere in the world. Whiteboarding, video/screen sharing, chat, upload any documents and 3D objects and integrate all your tools that you love to use every day.


Your interactive avatar

Work together from anywhere, just like in reality. With your interactive avatar you communicate with other people and interact with your environment in 3D.

Realistic 3D spaces

Experience your content in photorealistic 3D spaces. From a meeting room, workshop cafe, company building to a product world. Everything is possible.

3D Content Management

Easily upload and manage your content in 3D spaces in real time. We support 3D files, PDF, video, live streams, audio, images and many other file types.

On any device

Experience 3D worlds as easily as surfing the web in your browser. All you need is an internet connection and a smartphone, tablet, PC, Mac or virtual reality glasses.

Secure in all dimensions

Your data is safe with us. Our platform is globally scalable, can be integrated into existing IT infrastructures with SSO and we host according to the current GDPR and DSGVO standards.

Virtual Meetings

We are the next generation “Zoom” – How companies increase employee productivity by more than 30% through virtual work environments.

Tradeshows & Events

We bring events into the 3rd dimension – Why companies can convince up to 50% more visitors to attend virtual rather than physical events.

Sales Showrooms

We digitize your sales with Virtual Showrooms – How our clients are gaining 20% more customer leads online through interactive 3D applications.

Virtual Museums

We are digitizing museums and galleries – How museums are attracting thousands of visitors to virtual exhibitions.

Virtuelle Walkthrougs

We catapult your company into virtual reality – How SWR gives thousands of listeners a digital tour of all stations and formats.

Strategy Communication

We develop tools for virtual strategy communication – How our clients are unlocking new ways to digitally reach thousands of employees.

Product Marketing

We bring your products to every place – How customers generate 30% more leads through product explanation with augmented reality.


We help you sell products better online – 25% more sales online by using 3D product configurators.


We make online learning interactive – How companies achieve 40% higher learning effects by using virtual reality in employee training.

Our customers love us

More than 100 major brands rely on our technology.


Satisfied, more successful and efficient with Zreality Grids.

Ronnie Peters, Creative Director HyperloopTT

“Zreality is synonymous with innovation in digital marketing and, with Grids, offers the best platform for presenting products in Virtual and Augmented Reality.”

Tobias Breuer, Innovation Lead BASF

“Zreality Grids is the best Spatial Software for Enterprise Workflow Collaboration in the market.”

Yvonne Abbel, ZDF

“Zreality has created a unique platform with Grids that combines features of a content management system with WebXR technology.”

Your benefits

With Zreality Grids, a company with 1,000 employees saves up to (in euros) per year…

in direct personal travel expenses

in facility management costs

Efficiency gain through usable travel time