Virtual Showrooms

Present your products in virtual spaces. Make your products location-independent and reach not only a few hundred, but thousands of customers easily online via the Internet.

Real-time 3D worlds

Present your products in photorealistic 3D real-time spaces. No matter if trade fair, office building or on site. Everything is possible. We offer hundreds of 3D worlds as templates, so you can get started quickly.

Virtual Consultant

Slip into your avatar and advise customers live in virtual showrooms.

Industrial Showrooms

Present technically complex products in all aspects. Annotations, exploded views, X-ray vision, rotation, zooming and configuration explain products to your customers better than any video.

Retail Showrooms

Present products such as clothes, shoes or furniture and allow the configuration of variants.

Smart Home Showrooms

Explain interactively to your customers how smart home products work.

Medical Showrooms

Assist in the consultation of medical devices requiring explanation.

Automotive Showrooms

Show the functions of vehicles in full detail.

Transportation Showrooms

Explain how complex transportation systems work in overview.

3D Content Management

Upload your content and set up your showroom on your own in minutes. We support 3D files, PDF, video, live streams, audio files, images and many more file types.


Accurately see the ROI of your showroom. Our integrated analytics solution for 3D rooms tells you where users came from, how long they spent where in the showroom, and what content they consumed.

On all devices

Experience 3D showrooms as easy as surfing the web in your browser. All your participants need is an internet connection and a smartphone, tablet, PC, Mac or virtual reality glasses.

Secure in all dimensions

Deine Daten sind bei uns sicher. Unsere Plattform ist global skalierbar, mit SSO in bestehende IT Infrastrukturen integrierbar und wir hosten nach den aktuellen GDPR und DSGVO Standards.

Customer love us

More than 100 major brands rely on our technology.


Satisfied, more successful and more efficient with Zreality Grids.

Ronnie Peters, Creative Director HyperloopTT

“Zreality is synonymous with innovation in digital marketing and, with Grids, offers the best platform for presenting products in virtual and augmented reality.”

Tobias Breuer, Solution Consultant BASF

“With Grids, Zreality offers an enterprise solution that is innovative, reliable and device agnostic. In addition, we benefit from the experience of the team members in consulting as well as development and in this way receive not only self-contained applications, but long-term solutions.”

Yvonne Abbel, Director Media ZDF

“Zreality has created a unique platform with Grids that combines features of a content management system with WebXR technology.”

Your benefits

The advantages of a virtual showroom with Zreality Grids are

more sales turnover online


higher satisfaction of your customers

higher satisfaction of your customers