Work in a new dimension

We connect humans in virtual spaces with Zreality Grids – an easy to use 3D, Virtual and Augmented Reality platform.

9 AM - Frankfurt

You start your day by doing a virtual meeting with your colleagues from New York, London and Shanghai from the Frankfurt office.

10 AM - Shanghai

Next, you check the progress of a new production line in China virtually and without having to travel.

11 AM - Paris

You teleport virtually to an onboarding workshop for new management employees in the Paris office.

12 noon - Frankfurt

You meet colleagues from all over the world during a virtual lunch for personal exchange.

1 PM - Frankfurt City

You watch the live presentation of a transport system customer in Frankfurt in Augmented Reality.

2 PM - Berlin

A few minutes later, you visit a partner’s virtual expo in Berlin as an avatar and meet many new potential customers.

4 PM - London

Then you attend a start-up event in London as a Virtual Speaker from the comfort of your office.

5 PM - Munich

In the late afternoon, you join a client’s virtual presentation for a new product.

6 PM - Frankfurt

At the end of the day, you’ll visit a virtual art exhibition with top clients from around the world as avatars to network.

In just one week

you have been more productive than ever!

different countries visited

met people personally

hours saved in travel time

Virtual Meetings

We are the next generation “Zoom” -How companies increase employee productivity by more than 30% through virtual work environments.

Tradeshows & Events

We bring events into the 3rd dimension – Why companies can persuade up to 50% more visitors to attend virtual rather than physical events.

Sales Showrooms

We’re digitizing your sales with Virtual Showrooms – How our customers are gaining 20% more customer leads online through interactive 3D applications.

Virtual Museums

We digitize museums and art galleries- How museums attract thousands of visitors to virtual exhibitions.

Virtual Tours

We catapult your company into virtual reality – How SWR gives thousands of listeners a digital tour of all stations and formats.

Strategy Communication

We develop tools for virtual strategy communication – How our customers open up new ways to reach thousands of employees digitally.

Product Marketing

We bring your products to every place – How customers generate 30% more leads through product explanation with augmented reality.


We help you to sell products better online – 25% more sales online by using 3D product configurators.


We make online learning interactive – How companies achieve 40% higher learning effects by using virtual reality in employee training.

SWR Virtuell: Innovation project with ZREALITY

SWR innovation project launches / Virtual world accessible from Wednesday, August 18, 2021 / Eight SWR experience spaces for different target groups / / Developed with ZREALITY...

Future of the Spatial Web # 4: How companies around the world will save billions by using Virtual Reality.

The COVID pandemic has permanently changed the world of work. Home office is the “new normal”. Companies can save billions in travel and facility management costs by using Virtual Reality, while...

Immersive Communication: The Third Dimension to Digital Employee Experience

Last week on IABC conference our amazing partner Open Communications from Denmark presented how they create immersive employee experiences for large Enterprise clients such as DHL or Tryg. The...

LÄMMERZAHL GmbH hosts virtual user conference with ZREALITY

LÄMMERZAHL GmbH, headquartered in Dortmund, Germany, is one of the leading providers of software for numerous areas of social legislation in Germany. "We have acquired our high professional and...

Xlinker New Energies Virtual Event powered by ZREALITY

Pitching and networking! - X-Linker New Energies - H2 2021 "The key driver for digital transformation is collaboration. Build crosslinks now!" rang out from the loudspeakers of the 5-HT Eventspace...

Customers love us

More than 100 major brands trust in our technology.


Happy, more successful and more efficient with Zreality Grids.

Ronnie Peters, Creative Director HyperloopTT

“Zreality is synonymous with innovation in digital marketing and offers the best XR platform to present products in Virtual and Augmented reality.”

Tobias Breuer, Innovation Lead BASF

“Zreality Grids is the best spatial enterprise workflow collaboration software available on the market.”

Yvonne Abbel, Director Media ZDF

“With the Grids platform Zreality has created an unique technology that combines features of a content management system with WebXR technology.”

Your benefits

By using Zreality Grids a company with 1,000 employees can save per year up to (in US$)…

in direct personal travel expenses.

in facility management costs.

due to efficiency gains through usable travel time.