Artificial Reality is the only way to have so much fun during a Jira training session

In today’s world, video conferencing and online training are ubiquitous. But more and more companies are realizing the benefits of using the Metaverse to train employees in an innovative and fun way. As an example in this regard, the team at ZREALITY has developed a Jira employee training in an interactive 3D Metaverse world on the Grids platform that enables learning in an exciting Star Wars setting.

The Star Wars experience in the Metaverse

The participants of the Jira training meet in the Metaverse in space and enter a Death Star. They receive an introduction from a 3D AI wizard in the form of C-3PO and the trainer is there with a Stormtrooper avatar. The team participates in training with their own avatars. The team explores the Death Star room by room together and receives important basic information about Jira as a ticket system. Suddenly, a siren sounds and everyone has to move to a new area of the Death Star as quickly as possible. After everyone is teleported to a new 3D room, a workshop on creating Jira tickets begins, with participants divided into four groups. The trainer gives instructions and the 3D assistant assists with queries.

Jira Metaverse Training

Explore interactive minigames and 3D worlds

During the training, the groups have to master various mini-games and explore the 3D worlds to solve tasks. The clues are hidden in the 3D space. Sometimes you have to go through mazes to find clues, sometimes you have to find interactions or assemble things to move forward. This interactive format not only promotes team spirit, but also engagement and motivation of the participants. After completing the tasks, everyone meets in a room to hold a joint Q&A session.

Areas of application and employee feedback

The application areas for such trainings in the metaverse are manifold and can cover any kind of meetings and trainings that virtually only take place boringly via screen sharing, including product trainings, compliance trainings or onboarding meetings. Storytelling and gamification turn a simple software training into an absolute experience.

In addition, one has the feeling of being in the same room with colleagues and the “social factor” is high. The feedback from the employees on this new training method was consistently positive. The participants had fun and were fully engaged while exploring the impressive 3D world.

For the trainer, creating the training was easy. He only needed 3D rooms from a ZREALITY designer in the Star Wars setting. He could easily set up all the logic, content and interactions himself in the ZREALITY Grids platform without any technical knowledge. Although the preparation of about 10 hours is longer than the preparation of a virtual meeting with Powerpoints and teams, the learning effect is much higher and the recognition of all colleagues is guaranteed.


Using Metaverse for employee training, as in the example of ZREALITY and their Jira training in a Star Wars setting, shows the enormous potential of this technology. The interactive and immersive learning environment makes it more fun, engaging and motivating for participants. Companies that use these innovative training methods can not only train their employees more effectively, but also strengthen satisfaction and loyalty to the company.