BASF collaborates with ZREALITY to launch the first Personal Care virtual solution in the Metaverse

A revolutionary step has been taken into the personal care industry as BASF, the world leader chemical company, collaborated with ZREALITY, a leading provider of virtual reality solutions, to debut the first personal care virtual reality solution in the metaverse during Suppliers’ Day in New York.

BASF Suppliers Day:

The Solution:

This creative initiative provides an interactive platform to explore how BASF ingredients are used in personal care applications such as Hair Care, Skin Care, Sun Care and Oral Care. BASF and ZREALITY have come together to create a virtual, browser-based platform that offers an immersive experience to users, guiding them through four distinct spaces: The Lobby, The Spa, The Laboratory, and The Traceability Space.

The Lobby: The Gateway to a New World

The Lobby serves as the entrance to this virtual world, providing a space for users to interact with other participants or engage in events. It is the starting point that will lead participants into the BASF’s personal care ingredients.

BASF Lobby 04
Personal Care Lobby

The Spa: Exploring the Beauty of BASF Ingredients

The Spa provides to users the opportunity to explore five different formulas based on BASF ingredients. Here, users become a virtual makeup artist on an interactive game, so they can test and apply these formulas on a virtual avatar. In the meantime, users can learn about the formulas and ingredients used thanks to the different information boards that the space has.

BASF Spa 01
Personal Care SPA

The Laboratory: Witness the Creation of Personal Care Formulas

At the second space “The Laboratory”, users can learn how 16 different BASF ingredients can be mixed to create different personal care formulas. Like a real-world lab and under the guidance of BASF members, users can formulate with different ingredients.

BASF Laboratory 01
Personal Care Laboratory

The Traceability Space: Experience the Sustainable Journey of Palm Oil

In The Traceability Space, users are taken into a 360° story of sustainable palm oil derived ingredients production.

BASF Traceability 02
Personal Care Tracability


From plantation to transport, refining the oil, to finally product’s arrival in consumers’ hands, the virtual experience illustrates how the ingredient’s production process is traceable via blockchain technology. During NYSCC, the virtual spaces engaged more than 100 visitors.

The four spaces collectively aimed to bring event visitors into their own world to convey the unique selling proposition of BASF ingredients and solutions. In the next phase of this groundbreaking initiative, the platform will be used at international events in South America. Future steps include the implementation of a virtual assistant and many other services to further enhance the user experience.


This metaverse solution represents the first step of the personal care ingredients space into the virtual world. It was developed by the BASF Digital Solution in North America and Germany, the Personal Care Marketing Team, and ZREALITY. This collaboration between BASF and ZREALITY is not just pioneering a new dimension for personal care ingredients but also, is setting a precedent for other industries to follow. By leveraging the power of virtual reality, they have created an engaging, immersive, and educational platform that takes the knowledge of personal care ingredients to a whole new level.