Conversational Business Summit im Virtual Reality Konferenzcenter

Conversational Business Summit is the ultimate conference for Messengers, Chatbots and Voice Assistants. We bring together the latest technology advancements as well as practical examples to apply Conversational Business to solve challenges in business and society.

More than 20 extraordinary speakers will share insights on recent progress in technical advancements and applications including Bot Intelligence, Conversational AI, Process automation and natural language processing.

Conversational Business Summit im Virtual Reality Konferenzcenter 2

Hundreds of visitors gather information on various user topics in a virtual conference center. The visitors can move freely in a 3D event room, network via chat and video or comfortably attend the keynotes in the auditorium. Whether via smartphone, tablet, PC, Mac or VR headset, every visitor could easily participate in the event from home.

The solution is provided on the Zreality Grids platform. Grids is the best all-in-one solution to enable people to work, meet and learn in immersive 3D environments. Grids provides virtual communication and collaboration with avatars in highly realistic 3D environments, content management in real-time 3D and works web-based on any device such as smartphone, tablet , PC, Mac or virtual reality glasses.

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