Corporates, have more courage! – Interview with 5-HT and BASF

What is the potential of connecting young and established companies? In an interview with colleagues from BASF and 5-HT, our Head of Marketing and Sales discusses how the parties work together and the opportunities they have.

“When the right partners meet, innovative ideas can be implemented – even in a protected space. This is how corporates and start-ups can profit.”

“ZReality is a very good partner for us, meanwhile also an official partner of BASF, whom we can always contact for such projects. Jointly, we start the conceptual design. In most projects we are still quite at the beginning. At the same time, however, we are also evaluating the Sphere product from ZReality, because we believe that it will enable us to create many attractive use cases at BASF. In future, in-house events could also be made available to colleagues from other parts of the world as digital virtual content.
For us, it is of course a great advantage that ZReality is now an official partner because purchasing is then simplified. As a large company, we have many processes and guidelines that we have to adhere to. Implementing our high requirements is difficult for many startups. ZReality has already done many projects with other large companies and therefore has a lot of experience, which simplifies many things in the handling with BASF. So far we are very satisfied. “
Tobias Breuer from the Mobile Solutions Team of BASF.

Read the whole interview now and learn more about the successful cooperation here.