ZREALITY in the magazine “Digital Commerce”

We are pleased to be part of this year’s Digital Commerce with a contribution to our Sphere platform. We and 49 other interesting startups were selected from all applicants.

Digital Commerce – The highest-circulation magazine for the digitalization of retail

“The magazine “Digital Commerce” is the successful cooperation between the leading retail magazine “Der Handel” published by Deutscher Fachverlag (dfv) and Berlin Valley. The high-circulation special publication presents 50 influential startups that offer solutions for future-oriented retail. On more than one hundred pages, Digital Commerce offers numerous solutions for decision-makers, owners and managing directors of the leading, largely medium-sized retail companies as well as their service providers to successfully cope with the digital transformation. A top-class jury of investors, retailers, associations, founders, journalists and other digitization experts selects the 50 start-ups that make it into the magazine. “*

ZREALITY Sphere – Unique web-based platform for standardized cross-reality solutions

With our platform Sphere we offer consulting, conception and development of standardized cross-reality solutions in industry, marketing and sales. In our “VR WordPress” you can create immersive virtual rooms in minutes in which your products and content are displayed in VR/MR. You don’t need any programming knowledge – just your 3D models, photos and videos of your company.

Opportunities for trade

Digital Commerce magazine focuses on the full range of applications that have the potential to transform the retail landscape. So how can our platform support stationary retail in the future? Our Managing Director Alexander Fridhi describes the possibilities as follows: “Our cloud platform is like WordPress for VR/MR applications. It enables the seamless creation of cross-platform and cross-reality apps in best quality and with minimum time expenditure for every creative, marketer or product manager”. Simply put, our platform gives retailers completely new possibilities for product presentation and thus integrates digitization directly into the purchasing process. You can subscribe to the special edition of the Berlin-Valley Magazine here.

* https://berlinvalley.com/digital-commerce-bewerbung/