DW Renzmann: Sales and service boost for cleaning machines thanks to 3D marketing assets

ZREALITY, the leading provider of artificial reality solutions, has collaborated with DW Renzmann, a renowned manufacturer of cleaning and solvent recovery equipment, to transform their CAD data into dynamic 3D marketing assets. These assets were developed to optimize sales and customer service and the presentation of products at trade shows.


DW Renzmann faced several challenges with their traditional marketing materials:

  1. Limited product visualization, which made it difficult to effectively present their equipment to potential customers. Especially at trade shows, limited booth space made it impossible to showcase all products.
  2. Inefficient sales calls as the sales team struggled to present the complex features and benefits of their products.
  3. Customer service challenges where staff could not provide detailed visual explanations on how to maintain and troubleshoot products.


ZREALITY’s artificial reality solutions enabled DW Renzmann to transform their existing CAD data into interactive 3D marketing assets. The process included:

  1. Analysis of CAD data and optimization for 3D visualization.
  2. Creation of a library of high-quality, interactive 3D models for DW Renzmann’s product portfolio
  3. Provision in the form of a virtual showroom that animates how the 3D models work
  4. Integration of 3D models into various sales and customer service platforms


The implementation of ZREALITY’s 3D marketing assets led to significant improvements in DW Renzmann’s sales and customer service:

  1. Improved product visualization: The 3D models provided an immersive and engaging presentation of DW Renzmann products and helped potential customers better understand the features and benefits of the devices.
  2. Improved sales conversations: The sales team could now present the products in real-time 3D, effectively demonstrating the capabilities and benefits of the equipment. At trade shows, they could finally show more machines than 3 models, even though booth space was limited.
  3. Better customer service: The 3D models enabled customer service representatives to provide clearer visual explanations of how to maintain and troubleshoot products, resulting in higher customer satisfaction.


By working with ZREALITY, DW Renzmann successfully transformed their CAD data into valuable 3D marketing assets that optimized sales and customer service. This innovative approach demonstrates the potential of Artificial Reality solutions in revolutionizing the way companies present, promote and support their products.

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