Month: June 2018

Making Brands Come Alive in XR


New feature: VR App licensing and device management

Hello dear Sphere users, today we present our new feature for VR App licensing, which is especially advantageous for our agency users. A VR App developed on Sphere can now be deactivated or activated via the Project Center after delivery. This makes it much easier for agencies, for example, to make an app available to their…
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“Virtual-reality companies are offering tourists a new way to look at historic sites” – ZREALITY @ Wall Street Journal

THE FUTURE OF EVERYTHING – For Tourists, the Berlin Wall Can (Virtually) Fall Again Aktuell berichtet auch das Wall Street Journal über Zeitreisen in der virtuellen Realität. Das New Yorker Tageblatt wurde auf die von ZREALITY umgesetze VR Timetravel Lösung aufmerksam und berichtet aktuell über die neue Möglichkeit, historische Momente für Touristen in VR nochmal…
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Release 1.2 brings new room templates, private templates, project cloning and batch file uploads

Hello fellow Sphere users, today we provide the release 1.2 of Sphere to our user base. The release includes the following new room templates: – Hologram – Wireframe – Grid Dark / White – Wood glade – Reduced Concrete Additionally users can set-up their own private templates, which are not publically visible to all users.…
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Virtual Reality finds its way into the fashion industry in virtual showrooms

Virtual Reality will make it easier for fashion designers to share their collections with partners from all over the world. Various sample collections can be presented and discussed virtually in a digital showroom. Virtual Reality reduces work processes and saves costs Planning new lines often takes a lot of time. For designers, this usually means…
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“kicker” launches first Virtual Reality app in football at the World Cup

“kicker” launches first Virtual Reality app in football at the World Cup Technology by ZREALITY from Kaiserslautern Kaiserslautern/Nürnberg. Perfectly timed for the Football World Cup, Virtual Reality is also making its way into Germany’s number 1 in football. With the new kicker app, users can relive historical football events and change the course of (football)…
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Experience football history interactively with kicker’s VR app!

Perfectly timed for the Football World Cup, Virtual Reality is now also making its way into football Have you ever wanted to be in the middle of an important football moment, such as the Wembley goal? With the new kicker app, which was developed by ZREALITY GmbH, you can not only participate in VR, but…
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RPR Media Group chooses Sphere platform for VR Apps

Die RPR Unternehmensgruppe aus Ludwigshafen kündigt den Ausbau seines Digital-Angebotes an. Die Unternehmensgruppe, zu der die Radiosender RPR1. und bigFM gehören, bietet gemeinsam mit der Digital Devotion Group (DDG) aus Kaiserslautern ein Vertriebs- und Marketing-Tool an, mit dem mittelständische Unternehmen VR-Inhalte selbst erstellen, verwalten und für andere zugänglich machen können. Zreality Sphere – so der…
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