Month: February 2019

Making Brands Come Alive in XR

Bringing brands to life

The startup ZReality offers virtual worlds made to measure “Virtual reality” is regarded as one of the most forward-looking technologies on the market; it has great potential, not only in the entertainment sector, but also in advertising and product design. Manufacturers such as Audi and Volvo are leading in this field: Instead of presenting a…
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Digitale Kunsthalle – Visiting exhibitions without having to go to the museum?

ZREALITY is proud to have co-developed a unique offering for ZDFkultur: the “Digitale Kunsthalle”, which will feature a variety of temporary special exhibitions, including: a. with exhibits by Cranach or Thomas Mann. With the help of our globally unique technology, the VR content management system Sphere, we bring art into a new dimension and make…
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