Month: June 2019

Making Brands Come Alive in XR

Choose terrace slabs without having to go to the DIY store

Presenting concrete products is a great challenge for manufacturers and the trade. Manufacturers offer the end customer a large variety of variants which are difficult to present in exhibitions. Therefore, Lithon+, market leader in concrete products, has developed the world’s first Virtual Reality concrete product configurator with the XR High-Tech-Startup Zreality GmbH. Read the full…
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How to calculate ROI for your Virtual Reality applications in Marketing

Many decision makers in Enterprises are still uncertain, if they should invest in Virtual Reality and how fast the investment will pay off. This article will outline a simple calculation any business owner or marketing stakeholder can use to calculate success and ROI of VR applications. First you need to identify the target group you…
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Top 5 things to consider to use Virtual and Augmented Reality in Marketing

We talk everyday with businesses who are fascinated by the possibilities of Virtual and Augmented Reality (VR/AR) in Marketing. Here are some of the biggest takeaways and some guidance on what to consider when using VR best for your own marketing strategy: #1 VR (and AR) is here to stay and no short term trend…
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Our Top 5 WebVR Sites

Dear all, today we would like to give you our pick of some of the best WebVR experiences available, which are not just 360 degree videos tours. #1 ZDF Digitale Kunsthalle This project is one of the most sopisticated WebVR experience we experienced to date. You can visit a musum in WebVR which showcases 3…
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