Author: Michael Neidhöfer

Making Brands Come Alive in XR

Top 5 things to consider to use Virtual and Augmented Reality in Marketing

We talk everyday with businesses who are fascinated by the possibilities of Virtual and Augmented Reality (VR/AR) in Marketing. Here are some of the biggest takeaways and some guidance on what to consider when using VR best for your own marketing strategy: #1 VR (and AR) is here to stay and no short term trend…
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Our Top 5 WebVR Sites

Dear all, today we would like to give you our pick of some of the best WebVR experiences available, which are not just 360 degree videos tours. #1 ZDF Digitale Kunsthalle This project is one of the most sopisticated WebVR experience we experienced to date. You can visit a musum in WebVR which showcases 3…
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Effects of Augmented Reality on Social Interactions

What the market needs first is string innovation in VR and AR glasses. They need to become smaller, mobile and easier to use. For decades now the term Augmented Reality (AR) has been used to describe the technology that allows it users to see and interact with computer generated content superimposed on a real world…
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Meet us on industry leading conferences in May and June

European Communication Summit May 23+34 in Berlin Visit our booth or be inspired by the keynote of our CEO Michael Neidhoefer: Another kind of storytelling: exploring the potential of VR and AR as communication channels Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality Headset Sales are steadily increasing and brands need to start preparing for an Internet which…
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Digitale Kunsthalle – Visiting exhibitions without having to go to the museum?

ZREALITY is proud to have co-developed a unique offering for ZDFkultur: the “Digitale Kunsthalle”, which will feature a variety of temporary special exhibitions, including: a. with exhibits by Cranach or Thomas Mann. With the help of our globally unique technology, the VR content management system Sphere, we bring art into a new dimension and make…
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Virtual problem solving – mixed reality in industry

With the support of mixed reality and virtual reality technologies, employees and robots can work together across locations. Together, tasks can already be solved flexibly and in real time. Virtual reality is also becoming increasingly important in industry. Objects are represented in a three-dimensional virtual representation. Users can interact with a robot or employees there.…
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RPR expands its VR services

RPR has expanded its digital offering: The group of companies from Ludwigshafen, to which the radio stations RPR1. and bigFM belong, now offers together with us a sales and marketing tool with which medium-sized companies can create, manage and make VR content accessible to others. Our Zreality Sphere platform generates VR content from conventional files:…
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New feature: VR App licensing and device management

Hello dear Sphere users, today we present our new feature for VR App licensing, which is especially advantageous for our agency users. A VR App developed on Sphere can now be deactivated or activated via the Project Center after delivery. This makes it much easier for agencies, for example, to make an app available to their…
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Virtual Reality finds its way into the fashion industry in virtual showrooms

Virtual Reality will make it easier for fashion designers to share their collections with partners from all over the world. Various sample collections can be presented and discussed virtually in a digital showroom. Virtual Reality reduces work processes and saves costs Planning new lines often takes a lot of time. For designers, this usually means…
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RPR Media Group chooses Sphere platform for VR Apps

Die RPR Unternehmensgruppe aus Ludwigshafen kündigt den Ausbau seines Digital-Angebotes an. Die Unternehmensgruppe, zu der die Radiosender RPR1. und bigFM gehören, bietet gemeinsam mit der Digital Devotion Group (DDG) aus Kaiserslautern ein Vertriebs- und Marketing-Tool an, mit dem mittelständische Unternehmen VR-Inhalte selbst erstellen, verwalten und für andere zugänglich machen können. Zreality Sphere – so der…
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