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Making Brands Come Alive in XR

Take a look into the future of Pfaff Quartier in Kaiserslautern

Starting signal for a new 3D model at ExpoReal in Munich! The City of Kaiserslautern and PFAFF-Areal Entwicklungsgesellschaft mbH Kaiserslautern (PEG), together with the local high-tech XR startup ZREALITY, are breaking new ground in the marketing of real estate projects. Internet users can now experience the future Pfaff quarter on screen or with VR glasses…
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Getting a foothold in America too

The Rheinpfalz conducted an interview with the team of ZREALITY on their future plans. Read the full article here.

Promoting employee health with Virtual Reality

The high-tech start-up Zreality GmbH, Barmer Health Insurance and Schäffler AG have developed a virtual health room. The companies are the first in Germany to open up Virtual Reality as a new information medium for employees on the subject of health. Read the full case study here.

ZREALITY wins Weconomy Award!

WECONOMY brings together start-ups and established companies. Under the chairmanship of Professor Dr. Burkhard Schwenker of Roland Berger, the winners of the WECONOMY start-up competition are selected each year. WECONOMY has supported more than 100 start-ups since 2007. ZREALITY was selected as the winner from 100 applicants and can now look forward to an exchange…
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Experience a combined heat and power unit in Virtual Reality

ZREALITY GmbH from Kaiserslautern has developed a virtual tour of a new block-type thermal power station (CHP) in Ramstein in Rhineland-Palatinate for Pfalzwerke Aktiengesellschaft. The tour was realized with high-resolution 360-degree images and can easily be presented anywhere with mobile data glasses (OculusGo). Read the full case study here.

Mit VR Emotionen in die Kommunikation bringen

Gastbeitrag von Michael Neidhöfer auf Virtual Reality (VR) ist das perfekte Medium, um Kommunikation im Unternehmen emotionaler und relevanter zu machen. Mit zunehmender Verbreitung von Virtual-Reality-Geräten auf dem Markt tritt VR langsam aber sicher ihren Siegeszug in die Unternehmen an. Welche Möglichkeiten VR für die Unternehmenskommunikation bietet und für welche Unternehmen die Technologie besonders…
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Native vs. WebVR Apps – Advantages and disadvantages in use for the Enterprise

Native VR apps are mostly developed with gaming engines like Unity for platforms like Oculus and HTC. This ensures that all interfaces to hardware function uniformly and that the device’s resources are used optimally. A WebVR App is basically nothing else than a specially programmed HTML5 website with OpenGL, which recognizes the device and displays…
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Control cabinet training without power failure in Virtual Reality

When it comes to training employees, most people think of classrooms with computers or boring e-learning questionnaires. Virtual reality is changing this in companies. For Pfalzwerke Netz AG, the high-tech start-up ZREALITY has developed a training solution for training at medium-voltage switchgear, thus opening up undreamt-of opportunities for the company in the training of employees.…
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Choose terrace slabs without having to go to the DIY store

Presenting concrete products is a great challenge for manufacturers and the trade. Manufacturers offer the end customer a large variety of variants which are difficult to present in exhibitions. Therefore, Lithon+, market leader in concrete products, has developed the world’s first Virtual Reality concrete product configurator with the XR High-Tech-Startup Zreality GmbH. Read the full…
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How to calculate ROI for your Virtual Reality applications in Marketing

Many decision makers in Enterprises are still uncertain, if they should invest in Virtual Reality and how fast the investment will pay off. This article will outline a simple calculation any business owner or marketing stakeholder can use to calculate success and ROI of VR applications. First you need to identify the target group you…
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