AR Portal

AR Portal

Together with our Client, the Luxembourg City Museum, we developed a remarkable Augmented Reality Portal.

The AR portal was embedded into the VdL-AR application of the City of Luxembourg with the aim to offer potential museum visitors an innovative and attracting feature.

When at a specific hotspot in the city, users can now discover within the VdL-AR app a virtual gate through Augmented Reality. Also, the mascot of the museum “Mil” draws attention to the gate. Users can enter the museum, by simply moving through the “virtual” portal with their smartphones or tablets. They can explore the museum with their mobile devices and look around the museum’s premises in 360° panoramic views. In addition to certain exhibits, users can also view additional content in form of videos or texts. This way, the museum’s target groups are provided with entertaining added value.

The aim was to develop a modern, innovative and useful application that would generate interest in visiting the museum. Already during the conception phase, attention was paid on implementing the client’s CI using their logo and color scheme. In addition, certain hotspot positions were defined beforehand, to which the users can teleport to and consequently have an optimal view of the museum’s rooms.

Download the VdL app now from the App Store or Google Play and explore Luxembourg in a particularly innovative way.