Fleckenstein Castle revived in AR

Fleckenstein Castle revived in AR

New Augmented Reality application guides visitors through 16th century castle.

The castle Fleckenstein in the Alsatian Lembach has been rebuilt by the company ZREALITY from Kaiserslautern – at least virtually. From Easter onwards, visitors to the facility can download a free application and then revive the castle with their own smartphone. At seven selected points, the virtual guide provides information about the functions and shows virtual sections of the castle on the visitor’s own terminal using a 3D model.

“With the Augmented Reality application we bring a part of our history very close to the visitor – namely on his smartphone. The aim of the application is to stimulate the imagination of our guests and give them a guide to better experience the history of Fleckenstein Castle,” said Betty Favreau, director of the castle, at the presentation on Tuesday.

All the user has to do is install the app, open it and then scan the so-called trackers, optical recognition codes, with the smartphone camera to see the content. At seven locations the green boards are attached, which lead to further information about a virtual castle model. In the entrance area, at the first gate, the north wall, the chapel, the fountain tower and above in the living area, visitors can view the castle.

The company ZREALITY from Kaiserslautern developed the application together with the responsible persons of the Alsatian tourist attraction. “It was exciting for us to implement a project that transcended national borders. The castle Fleckenstein and Kaiserslautern are connected by their common history and the relation to the imperial palace. In addition, the application is an exciting example of marketing. That’s why we participated in the application as a partner,” said Adrian Dietrich, Head of Sales and Marketing at ZREALITY.

For Mayor Charles Schlosser, the application is a first step: “New media enable us to introduce visitors to a time that is hard to imagine today. If the visitors accept the application, we would like to take further steps in the direction of virtual reality.
Fleckenstein Castle in Alsace is a historic rock castle on the border between France and Germany. More than 75,000 visitors explore the Felsenburg every year.