RemoteEye – AR glasses for service technicians

RemoteEye – AR glasses for service technicians


Due to the variety of products and manufacturers as well as the high speed of innovation, it is almost impossible for electricians to be able to install, configure, operate, maintain or repair all products without support. Thereby the duration of the installation, maintenance or service depends significantly on this information. Previously, in the case of a problem, an employee responsible had to either read the operating instructions, contact the manufacturer’s service department or an expert from MITEGRO wholesalers and literally explain the often complex situation.


The aim of the pilot project was to implement RemoteEye to support the employees “on site” in the event of a problem with AR data glasses, by establishing a direct online connection to the contact person at the electrical wholesaler and enabling the latter to transmit the required information and instructions directly to the data glasses of the sales representative.


Our subsidiary ZREALITY was able to implement an innovative solution for service applications by using RemoteEye. If required, the AR data glasses can provide a sales representative with time- and location-independent support in the operation, maintenance or repair of products and machines. The advantage of data goggles is that the electrician still has both hands free to operate and continue working with the devices. On the other hand, the support center can identify the problem exactly by video transmission and give the necessary tips or instructions via voice or text messages. This not only reduces the service time, but also the downtime of the machines and thus also increases customer satisfaction.