Take a look into the future of Pfaff Quartier in Kaiserslautern

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Take a look into the future of Pfaff Quartier in Kaiserslautern

Starting signal for a new 3D model at ExpoReal in Munich!

The City of Kaiserslautern and PFAFF-Areal Entwicklungsgesellschaft mbH Kaiserslautern (PEG), together with the local high-tech XR startup ZREALITY, are breaking new ground in the marketing of real estate projects. Internet users can now experience the future Pfaff quarter on screen or with VR glasses in 3D. The aim of the project is also the marketing of space. Investors have the option of integrating their own construction plans into open spaces and coordinating the construction plans with PEG and other parties involved at an early stage.

The starting signal for the presentation of the 3D model is the ExpoReal, the largest European real estate fair which takes place from 7 to 9 October in Munich and where representatives from Kaiserslautern will be present.

The future central building axes and the two street axes on the site have so far been visualised in the 3D model. Models of the buildings already planned by investors are already integrated, as are the extensive green areas and squares defined in the development plan. The application also allows a glimpse into the future with regard to the planned traffic concept. The area is traffic-calmed and autonomous vehicles drive on the roads, the facades are greened. It is also planned that investors will be able to adapt the model for planning their buildings themselves via a content management system.

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