Virtual & Augmented Reality solutions


ZREALITY GmbH” will be the new company name of our subsidiary (formerly WEARVR GmbH) as of September 1,2017.

Our VR/AR business is growing rapidly and with our new brand, we are systematically gearing ourselves to the internationalization of our business and the development of unique VR/AR platform products. With ZREALITY, companies will be able to develop VR/AR solutions more efficiently than ever before and access our concentrated know-how in the form of consulting, software development and software tools in order to create added value for themselves and their customers. More about this soon! Stay tuned.

We develop individual solutions for virtual, mixed and augmented reality applications and advise companies on the conception, implementation and technical execution of corresponding projects. The “Z” stands for the Z axis, which embodies our innovations in virtual space.

The renaming is a pure name change. Important data such as address, bank details and VAT ID remain unchanged. Of course, all previous contracts and agreements remain valid.

New orders and future correspondence should be addressed to “ZREALITY GmbH” as of September 1st.

If you have any questions or if you would like to clarify any problems that may arise, please do not hesitate to contact us.