Experience a combined heat and power unit in Virtual Reality

ZREALITY GmbH from Kaiserslautern has developed a virtual tour of a new block-type thermal power station (CHP) in Ramstein in Rhineland-Palatinate for Pfalzwerke Aktiengesellschaft. The tour was realized with high-resolution 360-degree images and can easily be presented anywhere with mobile data glasses (OculusGo).

One often wonders what happens on a new construction site. This was also the case for the CHP in Ramstein, which was planned and built by Pfalzwerke AG for FFR (Fernwärmeversorgung Flugplatz Ramstein GmbH). The construction phase of the project began in 2017 and the plant grew rapidly. The modern combined heat and power plant is now connected to the public power grid and supplies a large part of the Air Base in Ramstein with highly efficiently produced heat

The Pfalzwerke were looking for a suitable instrument to present the technology and the construction of such a highly modern plant in an easy and understandable way. For safety reasons, the CHP cannot always be opened and made accessible to visitors. With ZREALITY GmbH from Kaiserslautern, they created a 360-degree tour for the new CHP plant, which can be used in marketing, at trade fairs and in sales for presentation purposes.

The application runs on all mobile VR devices. Because of the easy handling, the mobile VR device OculusGo from Facebook was chosen. The user can walk around the CHP, into all areas and machine rooms and even on the roof. The user moves intuitively through so-called “Gazing” similar to Google Streetview through the power plant and receives additional information about the construction of the plant as well as machines and generators that are installed. The high-resolution 360-degree images give a very vivid impression of the size of the plant.

“We are delighted that the solution has been so well received,” says Jan Knieriemen, COO of ZREALITY. “With our ZREALITY Sphere solution, the application can easily be extended to other power plants or other deployment scenarios such as employee training. The simplicity of production and handling for the user was therefore very important to us”.

Today, Pfalzwerke uses the solution in marketing and sales and plans to expand it to other locations soon.