Future of Virtual Presentation on the Spatial Web – Industrial & Transportation: Edition # 1

Today we are starting a series on diving deeper on how product presentations will change from physical exhibitions to digital presentations in Virtual Showrooms leveraging Web3D, Augmented or Virtual Reality. Our first issue will focus on product presentations of large, non-movable industrial and transportation products.

Virtual Reality enables you to address your customers online without compromising the presentation of your products and is a safe, environmentally friendly and cost-saving way to sell your products! If a virtual event is based on a stable and at the same time innovative platform, it can usefully complement a physical event and in some cases even completely replace it.

See how customers of our leverage our technology already today.


Driven by the need to explain this disruptive product to anyone HyperloopTT is leveraging the Spatial Web to explain and present its product to customers and investors.


As provider of the most innovative technology of industrial concrete mixers in the industrial sector, PEMAT is driving efficiency of product presentations moving from physical exhibitions to presenting its products online.

What are the benefits?

#1 Cost Savings

Travel costs are an important issue, especially in times of tight budgets and high prices. At physical events, participants not only have to organise and pay for travel by plane, car or public transport. They also lose valuable work and leisure time. This changes with the virtualization of events: Bills for flights, hotels and taxi rides are no longer incurred. This cost saving alone usually leads to a positive return on investment. This is even greater when the costs for congress halls, exhibition space or catering are also taken into account, which are saved at a virtual event.

#2 Increase of reach and interaction

In addition, the reach of an event can be significantly increased! Even if travel costs are not an obstacle, there are participants who cannot participate in a physical event for time reasons alone. Conventional broadcasting solutions can also increase the reach, but at the expense of the interaction of the participants. With an online event, however, both can be achieved: increased reach combined with rich interaction.

#3 No time & space restrictions

While participation in a physical event has to decide whether to attend or not, virtual events can be much more selective. Only those parts of the event that are really interesting are visited – no matter how far apart they are in time or space. You just want to see a particular presentation, then visit a particular booth and briefly discuss something with the booth staff? At an online event you can do this and don’t even have to leave your desk.

#4 Good for the environment

By virtualising an event, you also contribute to a sustainable economy. Travel (especially long distance flights) is a major cause of global warming. Virtual events make this extensive travel unnecessary! Therefore an online event can often save several thousand tons of greenhouse gases!

We hope this was a helpful article and stay tuned for our next edition focussing on how the future of Virtual Sales and E-Commerce could look like!