Hybrid Event Solution “IBM Think Virtual Pop-up” Wins Muse Platinum Award 2022

Hybrid Event Solution “IBM Think Virtual Pop-up” Wins Muse Platinum Award 2022

Virtual or real? Both! The Think Virtual pop-up is the first hybrid event concept to win the American “Muse Award Platinum” marketing prize in the “Experimential & Immersive” category. Zreality transferred the real event concept into a digital format. Based on the platform developed by Zreality, a digital and immersive event format was created, which was used by several thousand visitors at different events. Whether it was a lecture, workshop or co-creation session, the formats could not only be attended in real life, but also digitally. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

As a browser-based solution, the Think Virtual Pop-up was open to visitors for 24 hours. In this way, interested parties could not only learn about IBM solutions during an event, but also experience virtually how IBM solutions can contribute to their own business development.

The Media Center offered users the opportunity to experience events in retrospect. In addition to videos, white papers, abstracts and other information on the solutions could be filtered and accessed independently according to their own interests. The Media Center solution developed specifically for this purpose opened up the possibility of making events accessible to a wider audience.

For the innovative concept of the hybrid immersive event, the jury awarded the Think Virtual pop-up with the top prize.

Experience the Think Pop up in the video: