IMDBTV series premiere of Leverage Redemption in virtual set with Zreality

In the new crime series Leverage: Redemption from IMDbtv, a group stands up to the rich and powerful and ensures a redistribution of money and power.

In the past, series and film premieres were presented live with actors, producers and selected representatives of studios to the press and media before the official launch. People often met in real event locations such as movie theaters, where they could meet the team live and ask questions.

IMDbtv decided to present Leverage-Redemption for the first time in a completely virtual series set. For this purpose, a set of the series was reconstructed in 3D and virtual reality with great attention to detail.

All attendees of the event were then able to meet virtually and live in the series set and followed the premiere via film clips and interviews with the actors live in virtual “screening room”. Zreality’s technology catapults visitors into the 3D series set, which has been realistically recreated to reflect the series content. People can walk the set, look around freely and experience content interactively on smartphones or PCs. With virtual reality glasses, this creates a real cinema feeling, because you are virtually standing in the series and experiencing the premiere “on location in the film.” The series was initially promoted via a website and released after a countdown. 30 minutes before the premiere, visitors entered the virtual set and were able to get advance information about the cast and details of the series. After an introduction by the producer of the series, the first episode started live, which then ended with an interview of the actors.

The project was created in collaboration with the New York-based design agency 360 Design, which has previously developed successful projects for National Geographic, among others.

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