Innovation in the Metaverse: Virtual assistant takes over service tasks

Kaiserslautern, 23.06.2022 – Whether showroom, product presentation or event: companies increasingly rely on virtual reality. Zreality’s cross-reality platform is now being expanded to include virtual assistants with artificial intelligence. The “Zbots” are to make Metaverse projects even more appealing.

Zbots are computer-controlled avatars with which companies can populate their virtual showrooms or events. Visitors and customers then no longer enter an empty virtual room, but are surrounded by other avatars in any case. But the Zbots can also be extended to become virtual assistants: Via artificial intelligence, they are able to address users, show them around or show and explain products to them. Similar to already widespread chatbots, they can answer simple questions and take over service tasks.

How exactly the Zbots are designed is decided by the respective company. Appearance, language, voice and motion path can be individually adapted. The great advantage of such virtual assistants is that they are always available and can be deployed cost-effectively. “No matter when a visitor enters the virtual showroom, there is always an avatar there to help them,” says Michael Neidhöfer, CEO of Zreality GmbH.

Virtual events and showrooms on the rise.

Virtual events and showrooms have been on the rise since the pandemic because physical meetings and travel were not possible for a long time. However, many companies have now recognized the long-term advantage of such metaverse projects and continue to rely on events or product presentations in virtual space. This is because they reach many more people without much effort.

As avatars, customers and visitors take part in virtual events, slipping directly into the VR world in this way. Employees can interact with visitors and customers, show them around, show them the products and answer questions. In the future, Zbot can now take over this formal function in a complementary way. “Employees thus gain valuable time to attend to customers individually,” says Neidhöfer.