Interaction in metaverse instead of slideshow

HP introduces new product portfolio with virtual presentation. Powerpoint was yesterday, today interactive presentations in metaverse are the trend. The technology company HP has presented its product portfolio HP Presence in this way and sets new standards in the type of presentations so..

Product launches are usually either costly because employees and customers have to travel and all the new products have to be brought to the venue. Or they are not very tangible because the products are shown in slideshows. HP is now remedying both of these difficulties with a new, interactive type of presentation: The PC and printer manufacturer presented the new product portfolio “HP Presence” in its Ingram Micro Verse, a virtual 3D world.

During the presentation of HP Presence, the products were first shown to all participants, who became part of the virtual world as avatars. They then got to know the new devices better in small groups. As avatars, they were able to take the products in their hands, so to speak, and try out the configuration options for themselves. The highlight of the event: a challenge among all participants to see who could first optimally equip a virtual conference room with the new hardware.

Create your own 3D environment with cross reality platform.

HP created the Ingram Micro Verse using the cross-reality platform Zreality Grid, a solution for metaverse projects that specializes in virtual, augmented and mixed reality. For the Ingram Micro Verse, a 3D virtual environment was first created, which was then filled with specific content.

The great advantage of this innovative type of product presentation: Travel and logistics are eliminated. The products are part of the virtual world and can be added to or exchanged at any time. Employees or even customers who are to get to know the new devices can click in with any Internet-capable terminal device – participation is possible via browser. The hurdles are low both for the creation of such Metaverse presentations and for participation.