KITO presents lifting equipment in an interactive 3D hub on the Internet

KITO, a leading global manufacturer of industrial lifting equipment, wanted to revolutionize its sales and marketing efforts by harnessing the power of Artificial Reality. By working with ZREALITY, a leading provider of artificial reality solutions, KITO was able to successfully convert its CAD data into real-time 3D graphics, enhancing its product visualization and presentation capabilities. This case study describes the challenges KITO faced, the solutions ZREALITY provided, and the results of this transformative collaboration.


Overcoming traditional ways of product visualization

KITO’s traditional marketing materials, such as printed catalogs and 2D digital images, were not able to provide an impressive and engaging product presentation to its diverse customer base. The use of 3D technology can help here.

Make better sales calls

KITO’s sales team faces the challenge of demonstrating the features and benefits of its lifting equipment because it is unable to present products in real-time 3D. The introduction of 3D technology can improve the effectiveness of their sales pitches.

Coping with high costs and time-consuming processes

Creating physical prototypes and elaborate product demonstrations is both expensive and time-consuming, limiting KITO’s ability to quickly adapt to market trends and customer needs. The integration of 3D technology can help reduce costs and save time, allowing KITO to operate more flexibly in the market.

The solution: virtual product showroom

ZREALITY worked closely with KITO to overcome these challenges by leveraging the comprehensive capabilities of its Grids Artificial Reality platform:

CAD data conversion

ZREALITY’s proprietary AI algorithms and tools seamlessly converted KITO’s existing CAD data into real-time 3D graphics compatible with multiple platforms and devices.

Interactive 3D product configurator

ZREALITY developed a user-friendly, web-based 3D product configurator that allows customers to explore KITO’s products, customize their configurations, and visualize them in real-world scenarios.

Virtual showroom

ZREALITY created an immersive virtual showroom for the KITO sales team to present and demonstrate products using real-time 3D graphics and artificial reality technology.

Cross-platform web integration

ZREALITY ensured that the 3D graphics were accessible across multiple devices including smartphones, tablets, and computers to provide a consistent and engaging user experience. For this purpose, a 3D Hub was created where visitors can access Kito’s product portfolio in the form of 3D models.

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KITO presents lifting equipment in an interactive 3D hub on the Internet 2


The collaboration between KITO and ZREALITY produced remarkable results and transformed the company’s sales and marketing efforts:

Improved product visualization

KITO’s products were presented in a more engaging and interactive way, giving customers a better understanding of the features and benefits of the company’s lifting equipment.

Improved sales support

The virtual showroom and 3D product configurator enabled the KITO sales team to make more convincing and effective sales calls than before.

Cost and time saving

By eliminating physical prototypes and streamlining the product demonstration process, KITO saved production costs and time, allowing the company to focus on innovation and meeting customer needs.

Improved customer satisfaction

By offering an interactive and immersive experience, KITO was able to strengthen its brand image and customer satisfaction.


The partnership between KITO and ZREALITY shows how much Artificial Reality can improve the sales and marketing of products in need of explanation. By using ZREALITY’s artificial reality solutions, KITO was able to transform its CAD data into real-time 3D graphics and provide its customers with a more engaging and realistic product presentation. The results of this collaboration improved not only KITO’s brand image, but also sales support and customer satisfaction.

Do you want to experience KITO’s products live? Visit the KITO 3D Hub.

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