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General troubleshooting

In order to provide you with sufficient help with your request, the following information (if available) would be very helpful:

  • Description of the problem: Briefly describe in a few sentences what happened. (Example: The room can be entered, but then you can no longer move, the page freezes or reloads again and again)
  • Room URL: Does the error also occur with this URL?

  • Time: 10/26/2021 3:33:00 p.m.

  • Browser inkl Version: Chrome 95, Edge 95, Firefox 93, Safari 15, …
  • Device type: Windows PC, Mac, iPad (model?), IPhone (model?), …

  • Internet access: DSL, cable, direct fiber optic connection, LTE, …

  • Network type: corporate network, home network, public network

  • Bandwidth: 16 Mbit, 1000 Mbit – if necessary determine or verify via speed test, e.g. via or

The following information is also helpful. Please open the PDF and follow the instructions in the video: