Learning from the best: how to transfer metaverse marketing from games like Fortnite to any business

In today’s digital era, brands are constantly looking for innovative ways like metaverse marketing to reach and engage their target audiences. Games like Fortnite have not only revolutionized the gaming world, but also provide a fascinating blueprint for brands to succeed in an increasingly connected world.

Fortnite as a pioneer

Fortnite has shown how a game can be more than just entertainment. It has become a social meeting place where people of all ages come together. Through in-game events, collaborations with well-known brands and the introduction of virtual products, Fortnite has ushered in a new era of digital marketing.

The potential of the Metaverse

A metaverse, inspired by games like Fortnite, provides an immersive, interactive platform where brands can reach their customers in a unique way. It goes beyond traditional advertising and creates worlds of experience in which customers can actively participate and interact with the brand.

Opportunities for advertising

  1. Interactive experiences: Brands can create their own virtual spaces or events in the Metaverse that offer an immersive brand experience.
  2. Personalized products: Similar to the skins in Fortnite, brands can offer personalized or limited edition digital products.
  3. Community building: By creating community experiences, brands can build a loyal fan base.
  4. Data-driven insights: The metaverse provides rich data that can help brands better understand and target their audiences.

Case studies

Fortnite has established itself as a remarkable platform for brand partnerships and advertising that spans multiple industries, from film and television to fashion and music. Here are some concrete examples of successful integrations:

  1. Film and television: Fortnite has collaborated with several film and television series, including Marvel’s “Infinity War”, “The Matrix”, “John Wick”, “Cobra Kai” and “Stranger Things”. The partnership with “Stranger Things” saw iconic locations from the series, such as the Hawkins and the Upside Down, recreated in the game and enriched with hidden Easter eggs that alluded to important moments and characters from the series.
  2. Music Industry: Fortnite has also pioneered the music industry by working with artists such as Marshmello, Travis Scott and J Balvin to create visually stunning, interactive live concerts in-game. Travis Scott’s concert, for example, attracted over 12 million simultaneous users to.
  3. Sports: Fortnite has also realized groundbreaking partnerships in the sports sector, for example with the NFL, the NBA and FIFA. These collaborations included the integration of players, jerseys and themed props from these sports.
  4. Fashion: One of Fortnite’s most unique collaborations was with top fashion brands such as Jordan, Balenciaga and Moncler, which offered new perspectives on both the game world and the fashion collections.

These examples show how Fortnite has successfully integrated different brands into its game, with each partnership uniquely helping to enrich the experience for players while increasing visibility and engagement for the brands. Crucially, the integrations were seamlessly embedded into the Fortnite universe and created authentic, immersive experiences that did justice to both the game and the brands.

Fortnite Creative Mode has also proven to be an effective platform for brands. In this mode, users can build their own islands, allowing companies and media companies to create their own content without having to work directly with Epic Games. Examples include the recreation of the O2 Arena by UK telecoms provider O2, which hosts in-game concerts, and a map created by ITV based on their new game show “The Void”.

How to implement it for your own company?

Companies can integrate the concepts demonstrated in Fortnite into their own marketing strategies in a variety of ways to build a stronger bond with their target audience and strengthen their brand presence. Here are some ways companies can use this to their advantage:

  1. Creating immersive experiences: By creating virtual worlds or events, similar to Fortnite integrations, companies can immerse their customers in unique brand experiences. This can be achieved through the use of VR technologies, AR apps or proprietary gaming platforms.
  2. Interactive product presentations: Companies can present their products or services in an interactive, game-like environment, giving customers the opportunity to discover them in a fun and engaging way.
  3. Organizing virtual events: Similar to Fortnite concerts, brands can organize virtual events or concerts to appeal to a broader target group and create a community around their brand.
  4. Personalization and exclusivity: Companies can offer exclusive content or personalized experiences, such as limited editions or customizable products available in digital worlds.
  5. Influencer and community involvement: By working with influencers or involving the community in the design of brand experiences, companies can promote authenticity and relevance among their target groups.
  6. Data-driven strategies: Using data and analytics from virtual interactions can help companies to better understand their target groups and develop customized marketing strategies.
  7. Gamification: By integrating game elements into marketing campaigns, companies can increase engagement and customer loyalty.
  8. Social media integration: Linking virtual experiences with social media makes it possible to increase reach and achieve viral marketing effects.
  9. Collaborations and partnerships: Similar to how Fortnite works with different brands, companies can enter into partnerships to expand their offering and reach new target groups.
  10. Sustainable and social initiatives: Companies can integrate their sustainability and social responsibility efforts into their virtual experiences to create awareness and promote positive brand associations.

By taking inspiration from Fortnite’s innovative marketing strategies, companies can creatively and effectively position their brands in the digital world and deepen their relationship with customers.


The metaverse, inspired by games such as Fortnite, is opening up new horizons for brands in digital marketing. It is a platform that offers not only entertainment, but also meaningful and interactive brand experiences that could fundamentally change the way companies communicate with their customers.