“Let’s Glocalize” -TEMOT International organizes a global Automotive Aftermarket networking event in a virtual space

TEMOT International is a leading Strategic Value Network operating in the Automotive Aftermarket industry. It was founded in 1994 by 5 European companies and has been expanding continuously all over the World ever since. With HQs near Düsseldorf in Germany, the organization consists today of 91 Shareholders spread all over Europe, Asia, America, Africa and Australia.

Networking is core to TEMOTs mission to bring together Shareholders and Business Partners in the Automotive Industry. Due to the worldwide COVID 19 pandemic, TEMOT decided to move from physical to a virtual event, allowing its network partners to stay in touch. Therefore, TEMOT chose ZREALITY to conduct its 1st Digital Event Experience on a virtual 3D/VR conference platform. The event took place from 28th to 30th September 2020. More than 700 Shareholders and Suppliers from around the globe met in almost 2.000 dedicated networking meetings.

Event participants did find themselves in a completely new virtual format in the form of a conference center recreated in immersive 3D. The 3D and Virtual Reality technology of ZREALITY allowed participants not only to see each other via video conferencing, but to interact live in a real-time 3D event space.

After registration, participants received a link to login and then entered the virtual environment. The conference offered all the facilities a visitor is used to, such as an inspiring presentation in the auditorium and interactive networking sessions in dedicated rooms. Each Shareholder had its own room and Suppliers were able to jump from meeting to meeting, just like in the real world. The platform notified a Supplier when his session started and allowed him to directly jump into the networking session with a Shareholder.

Participants were able to talk in real-time via chat and video calls which were fully integrated within the 3D environment. ZREALITY’s Sphere platform made this web experience available to every browser and device, regardless of whether it was a smartphone, tablet, PC, Mac or VR glasses.

“Virtual technology is the perfect fit to conduct such networking events in difficult times such as COVID crisis,” says Jan Knieriemen, COO of ZREALITY. “Ensuring health and safety guidelines for an event with 2.000 meetings would be a nightmare. With our technology we helped TEMOT bringing hundreds of people together without having to travel and therefore without any risk to their health.”

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