Our Top 5 WebVR Sites

Making Brands Come Alive in XR

Our Top 5 WebVR Sites

Dear all,

today we would like to give you our pick of some of the best WebVR experiences available, which are not just 360 degree videos tours.

#1 ZDF Digitale Kunsthalle

This project is one of the most sopisticated WebVR experience we experienced to date. You can visit a musum in WebVR which showcases 3 exhibitions which change every month. Art is being displayed in form of painting, sculptures and videos. The architecture design is beautiful and the app is fully response working on any device. The project is part of the a bigger culutural digital initiative of ZDF, Germany’s second biggest TV network.


#2 Roxham

This immersive story centres on Roxham Road, a small section of the border where people are arrested and welcomed at the same time. Photographer Michel Huneault documented border interceptions of asylum seekers moving from the United States to Canada and their confusing quest for a safe place. throughout 2017.

Created by Michel Huneault, with Maude Thibodeau and Chantal Dumas, produced by the NFB, in collaboration with Le Devoir,Phi and Dpt.


#3 Bear 71

Bear71, re-imagined in VR, is the true story of a grizzly who had been monitored by wildlife conservationists for over a decade, from the moment she was tagged to her untimely death.


#4 WDR Zeitkapsel

With the WDR time capsule you make everyday journeys backwards – in 360 degrees and WebVR. You experience what the world was like 50 or 60 years ago: What shaped life back then? Which furniture, which fashions, which shows and which music? The Time Dealer has the right capsule for you!


#5 Little Workshop

Little workshop allows you to explore a fictional living room and configure elemnts of the room. The quality is state of the art and shows the future of the Web in 3D. This is an interior visualization demo. It aims to illustrate how WebGL and WebVR offer new ways to showcase and customize products on the Web.