Cultural Heritage – VR

Feb 1, 2020





VR Multi-User App Cultural Heritage Kaihuha Temple in China


With the help of the VR glasses, it is thus possible to move freely in the three-dimensional virtual reconstruction, explore the temple and interact with other users. In addition, holograms explaining the history of the items can appear in front of the users. The magnificent frescoes that cover the interior walls of the temple in particular were depicted in a true-to-life manner and fascinate the visitors. By using VR technology, the building concept could be presented virtually before the start of construction and entered from inside and outside with VR glasses. With this solution, decisions about the planned construction measures can be enriched by realistic constructions in order to provide a better basis for decision-making. The investor was able to give feedback at an early stage and to determine numerous details in the design of the façade as well as the room layout that would otherwise have been overlooked.

The App was developed based on the Sphere platform and is available for all VR devices and allows several users to interact with the environment as avatars.