PEMAT – Industrial Manufacturing Plant – Web3D | VR | AR

Feb 1, 2020





PEMAT VR/AR Showroom and Process Visualization


PEMAT is the world leader in industrial concrete mixers worldwide. The huge mixers and mixing plants that Pemat GmbH produces and sells worldwide are carried by the company manager and his employees in their hand luggage. Of course only in the metaphorical sense, because by using VR technology he can not only visualise them from anywhere, but also bring them to life. That’s how it works: In a fictitious industrial hall, all the mixers are positioned like in a huge shop. One click on a model and the selected mixer pops up to a life-size one. As in reality, this mixer can now be viewed from all sides and even allows a look inside, where mixing tools, side scrapers and wipers can be seen – even in a macro if desired. If you have seen enough, you can virtually walk through a door to the outside. There is a huge mixing plant – including silos and feeding systems. Pemat also offers these.

PEMAT uses ZREALITYs Sphere Technology to deliver the Web3D, VR and AR app to all devices. 3D Content is optimized prior to deliver to cater for different devices features. 3D data is optimized from CAD system output to be displayed in VR/AR. Information and all 3D objects can be managed in Sphere CMS. AR app can place object anywhere and resize object from small to real size. 3D object has interaction and allows to view animations of functions and a “look inside” via x-ray view. Web3D application can be integrated into website and is used in Online-Marketing.


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