Gebrüder Pfeiffer – Industrial Facility – VR | AR

Feb 1, 2020





Gebrüder Pfeiffer VR/AR Showroom and VR Training


Gebrüder Pfeiffer builds the largest cement mill in the world. At the same time, the company is a leader when it comes to staging its products with the new VR technology. With VR glasses you leave the real world. In reality, you dive even deeper into the unique product. No grinding mill is the same and only build once at one location. In addition the product can be presented in real size via AR on any location on the planet by Pfeiffers’s sales force and help in installation planning. The facility is recreated so realistically that virtual trainings for employees and customers can be conducted.

Gebrüder Pfeiffer uses ZREALITYs Sphere Technology to deliver the VR and AR app to all devices. 3D Content is optimized prior to deliver to cater for different devices features. 3D data is optimized from CAD system output to be displayed in VR/AR. Information and all 3D objects can be managed in Sphere CMS. AR app can place object anywhere and resize object from small to real size. 3D object has interaction and allows to view animations of functions and a “look inside” via x-ray view.


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