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Dec 15, 2020





GROB-WERKE is developed a virtual reality solution with ZREALITY to present its extensive portfolio of technical innovations and machine highlights.


GROB-WERKE launched its first Virtual Open House on Monday, October 5, with an outstanding response. The Virtual Open House is a virtual experience world and trade fair on GROB’s website, which uses the latest 3D and virtual reality technology to allow products to be experienced virtually and enables Sales to make direct contact with customers from all over the world.

For six days visitors were able to find out digitally about the world of GROB machining and its latest technologies as part of an extensive program and topic-specific specialist presentations. For GROB-WERKE, this was the first digital trade fair of its own. The company was very pleased with the many visitors who immediately after going online were interested in the many highlights, such as the new 5-axis G150 universal machine, as well as the latest technologies and specialist presentations, or simply wanted to be taken on a digital tour of the company. Another focus of the Virtual Open House was on new technologies. Here current developments in the area of electromobility were presented, as well as the GROB-NET4Industry software, which plays a central role in the topic of Industry 4.0 with its modularly developed web applications. The live chats with GROB experts allowed the GROB sales team to efficiently consult their customers.

After logging in to the GROB website, visitors are greeted with a tour of the company premises and an introduction by the Managing Director Sales. The visitor is then taken to a virtual exhibition in 3D. There one finds all GROB products modeled in high detail in 3D. One can rotate certain products, approach them and inspect them in detail, receiving detailed explanations of product data in so-called annotations. In addition, a 360-degree tour of a production hall at the GROB plant was easily integrated. However, the user is not alone in the virtual world. In the integrated chat system, GROB employees were on hand to offer advice and assistance.


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