Icon GmbH – Real Estate Marketing – VR

Feb 1, 2020





VR Real Estate Visualization New Office Building


ZREALITY GmbH developed an office building based on realistic plans for the construction planning company ICON. The goal was the constant further development under consideration of the client and investor, in order to be able to plan building changes early.

A planned construction project of ICON was represented by architects so far only on 2-dimensional plans. For these, good spatial imagination is required in order to imagine the non-existent buildings. In addition, the planned properties and buildings could only be viewed after construction had been completed.

The aim of the project was to visualize the planned building complex in Virtual Reality. Thus, an optimal basis for discussion should be offered for building owners and investors in order to determine the optimal design before the construction phase and to avoid mistakes.

By using VR technology, the building concept could be presented virtually before the start of construction and entered from inside and outside with VR glasses. With this solution, decisions about the planned construction measures can be enriched by realistic constructions in order to provide a better basis for decision-making. The investor was able to give feedback at an early stage and to determine numerous details in the design of the façade as well as the room layout that would otherwise have been overlooked.

The App was developed based on the Sphere platform and is available for all VR devices.