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Jan 27, 2020





Pfaffquartier 3D


The City of Kaiserslautern and PFAFF-Areal Entwicklungsgesellschaft mbH Kaiserslautern (PEG), together with the local high-tech XR startup ZREALITY, are breaking new ground in the marketing of real estate projects. Internet users can now experience the future Pfaff quarter on screen or with VR glasses in 3D. The aim of the project is also the marketing of space. Investors have the option of integrating their own construction plans into open spaces and coordinating the construction plans with PEG and other parties involved at an early stage.

Solution is build on Sphere Platform. Full 3D Environment is optimized to be deliverd from Smartphones to High-End VR Devices. Content , such as 3D Objects for buildings or information points (Text, Images Video) can be managed in Sphere CMS. Solution available as Web3D and WebVR application for all devices. In addition platform delivers an AR portal application to allow any use from home to create a “gate” to walk into the area.


Web 3D






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