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Feb 7, 2020





Experience art and creative work virtually and share it with your friends


SohoMuse, the first social network for the creative industry, form a partnership to develop a completely new way for everyone to experience art through virtual reality and to exchange ideas with creative people and artists.

Artists and creatives are already actively using the Internet and social media to draw attention to their projects and works. But they not only want to reach local art lovers in their region, but also want to make their works accessible to a global audience.

Based on ZREALITY cutting-edge Sphere Platform SohoMuse has developed a innovative film screening room with which film reviews can be conducted in Virtual Reality. The user takes a seat in a VR cinema and can experience film material and additional information about the artist up close. But this is only the first step, the development of a complete art gallery in Virtual Reality is planned, in which artists can exhibit and present their works of art.

The Screening Room is available for Web3D and WebVR and is fully managed in the SPhere Cloud CMS. The integration with SohoMuse social network allows filmmakers to upload and present their films in the screening room providing addional meta-information plus videos for the film.


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