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Aug 3, 2020



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Science collaboration in a new dimension – A virtual coGlobal Pharmaceutical Organization Takes Its Conference To The Virtual World


A global pharmaceutical company chose XR Central and ZReality to take their Doctors conference to the virtual space. The conference was meant to be an engagement activation between the Pharma Giant and the regional Doctors. There were more than 500 registered doctors who visited the virtual conference over the three days’ time period.

XR Central (ZReality’s India based strategic partner) and ZReality created a 3D environment that was simple, aesthetically pleasing, and easy to use. Since the audience was doctors- the solution needed to be very prompt, and simple to use and collaborate. There were many customized branding elements added in the 3D booth to give it the look and feel of a real booth similar to the physical conference style. For engagement purposes- video conferencing links were integrated, where by click on an icon will lead the doctors to have a video conference with the brand representative. ZReality’s content management system was utilized to upload media content- brand images and videos- and annotations to create overlays of desired information such as- survey forms, video chat, feedback forms, etc. For the ease of navigation, fixed teleportation points were added so that the doctors find it simple to traverse in the 3D environment and for brands that is a simple way to make sure that the doctor visits at the right places to consume content. A custom URL was created for the live project, a home button was added so that doctors don’t feel lost in the environment and upon clicking the button they are teleported to the starting scene of the environment. A custom loader with the brand logo of the client was also created to give it very personalised look while waiting for the scene to be fully loaded. Analytics to track the journey of the doctors through the 3D scene was added as a feature to the solution.


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