ZDF – The only museum that is opened even at night – Web3D | VR

Feb 1, 2020



ZDF Digital


Web3D/VR Museum


You don’t need a ticket, you can also visit it 24 hours non-stop and stroll through the halls and admire the masterpieces of art. The project “digital art gallery”  – a cooperationof ZDFculture with various German museums – is a world novelty and a promising model for the future, which offers an uncomplicated and flexible access to art. The innovation has just been launched under great media hype to the public. The development of the virtual Art enjoyment was created by ZREALITY, the virtual reality specialists from Kaiserslautern.

It looks real and touchable, the white ermine coat, the Elector Frederick the Wise of Saxony carries around his shoulders. The painter Lucas Cranach the Elder masterfully brought the precious fur, which was worn in the 16th century as a national emblem, on to the canvas. In three paintings side by side the Elector confidently stands for the visitors in the large museum room. These pictures are not actually open to the public at the moment because they do not hang in the Weimar Castle as usual, but are locked up in the depot due to reconstruction work.
The fact that they can still be seen – at any time and in any place – is new and spectacular. In cooperation with numerous German museums, the TV division ZDFkultur has opened a new book on art presentation in the form of a virtual art gallery. Art is now coming to people at home.

The Museum was developed by ZDF Digital, a leading digital agency in Germany based on the Sphere Platform. The muesum architecture and 3D environment was build and uploaded as template to the platform and dynamic contents integrated. Users thereby can access art in 3D, paintings and more. The environment is fully configurable and a team of editors works with curators at museums to setup one exhibition each month. The management of the content is seamless and easy via the Sphere Cloud and the site can be updated for thousands of visitors with a push of a button by en editor. The Sphere platform automatically optimized all content for 3D on all channels and allows PC, Smartphone and Tablet users alike with VR headset owners to provide the best possible qualuity experience.