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Falke has to overcome various challenges in connection with digitalization. This includes the effective presentation of a large number of product variants during the sales pitch, the digitalization of B2B sales from physical to virtual and the creation of more efficient digital processes. Falke also needs to present its fashion products in a digitally immersive way in order to offer customers a better shopping experience and increase their engagement.

ZREALITY offers Falke a comprehensive solution for the digitalization of product sales. The solution enables the effective presentation of a large number of product variants during the sales pitch and the digitalization of B2B sales from physical to virtual. The solution also helps to present fashion products in a digitally immersive way to offer customers a better shopping experience and increase their engagement.

ZREALITY’s solution for Falke offers several benefits, including improved customer satisfaction through immersive and interactive digital presentation of fashion products. The solution also contributes to greater acceptance in the sales team, as it is easier to present a large number of product variants and digitize B2B sales. There are also plans to further develop the solution so that it can also be used in Falke’s B2C area.


Virtual pop-up.


One challenge for IBM is the effective online marketing of products and services and the use of digital sales channels to reach more customers. The pandemic has also highlighted the need to find new ways to reach and convince customers, as traditional trade fairs and events are no longer as effective as they used to be. Another challenge is to combine physical and digital events in a meaningful way to create a seamless and immersive customer experience while reducing the costs and challenges of physical events.

ZREALITY offers IBM a comprehensive solution for a digital trade fair stand that includes a virtual pop-up as a digital twin of the real trade fair stand. The solution provides an interactive 3D environment for all IBM products and is seamlessly integrated into the security and analytics infrastructure. This enables IBM to present products and services digitally and reach customers in an innovative way.

ZREALITY’s solution for IBM offers several benefits, including the ability to host hybrid events and reach more customers than before. The solution also helps to reduce internal travel costs, as physical events can be replaced by digital ones. In addition, the use of the solution positions IBM as an innovation leader and the solution has already won several awards.


Virtual TOPWERK.


As one of the leading machine manufacturers in the segment of industrially manufactured concrete products, the TOPWERK Group faces the challenge of being able to present its customers with machines and systems that always offer innovative solutions and thus differentiate itself from its competitors.

The path to the future of industrial digitalization begins with entry into a fascinating and innovative virtual world where customers can find out about the various product houses and access product presentations in virtual showrooms. The solution includes a public foyer, an event room, various machine showrooms and the Virtual Academy, where interactive seminars and knowledge transfer by experts take place.

Die Lösung von ZREALITY bietet TOPWERK eine Reihe von Vorteilen, die von der Innovationskraft der Anwendung beim Kunden über die vereinfachte Präsentation komplexer Maschinen und Anlagen bis hin zu interaktiven und immersiven Schulungsumgebungen reichen. 


Virtual tour.


SWR must face various challenges in digitalization, such as the digitalization of the “Open Day” to increase the number of visitors and reach, the communication of comprehensible information on the services and benefits of the services and the strengthening of the positioning as a digitally innovative company through the development of innovative digital solutions to meet the needs and expectations of the audience.

ZREALITY offers SWR a solution for digitizing its brand by creating a 3D brand experience world for all areas that can be easily maintained in a CMS and contains its own media and content. The solution also includes gamified learning and conferencing capabilities to enable interactive training and meetings.

The ZREALITY solution offers SWR various advantages, such as increasing visitor numbers through the digital implementation of the “Open Day”. The 3D brand experience can reach more visitors and thus also increase the reach of SWR. In addition, the innovative digital solution will enable SWR to strengthen its position as a digitally innovative company and be perceived as a “first mover” in the industry. The digital solution is also more cost-efficient than physical events and enables SWR to reach more people.


3D Product Hub.


KITO’s traditional marketing materials, including printed catalogs and 2D images, could not effectively communicate the features and benefits of their hoists to customers. The sales team was not able to present the products in 3D in real time, which was a challenge. In addition, the high cost and time required to create physical prototypes and extensive product demonstrations limited KITO’s ability to adapt quickly to market trends and customer demands.

ZREALITY used their proprietary AI algorithms and tools to convert CAD data from KITO into real-time 3D graphics that are compatible with multiple platforms and devices. It has developed a web-based 3D product configurator that allows customers to explore and customize KITO products. ZREALITY has created a virtual showroom for the KITO sales team in which products are presented using real-time 3D graphics and artificial reality technology. ZREALITY also ensured that the 3D graphics are accessible across multiple devices and created a 3D hub where visitors can access KITO’s product portfolio.

The collaboration between KITO and ZREALITY has significantly improved the company’s sales and marketing approaches. KITO’s products were presented in a more appealing and interactive way, which led to a better customer understanding. The virtual showroom and the 3D product configurator improved the KITO team’s sales talks. In addition, by eliminating physical prototypes and making the demonstration process more efficient, KITO saved costs and time, allowing the company to focus on innovation and customer requirements. Ultimately, KITO was able to strengthen its brand image and increase customer satisfaction through an interactive and immersive customer experience.

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