RPR expands its VR services

RPR has expanded its digital offering: The group of companies from Ludwigshafen, to which the radio stations RPR1. and bigFM belong, now offers together with us a sales and marketing tool with which medium-sized companies can create, manage and make VR content accessible to others.

Our Zreality Sphere platform generates VR content from conventional files: from 360-degree images to virtual, augmented and mixed reality content. The content can be shared online with other users.

Zreality Sphere allows companies to prepare VR content clearly and usefully for stakeholders on the net. “We have the ambition to bring a kind of WordPress for VR apps to the market. With the content management system, company managers can easily and intuitively create virtual rooms for the company appearance, present products – and share content with customers and colleagues,” says our CEO Alexander Fridhi. The user does not need programming knowledge, the digital package is tailored to small and medium-sized companies, says Andy Abel, Head of Digital Development at the RPR Group.

The VR platform is easy to use

By providing high-quality VR room templates, which like WordPress themes offer various design options, marketing and sales staff can adapt their products according to industry and target groups. Uploaded 3D files, images and videos are automatically optimized for VR use. The content within the room template can then be configured as required before the system can be downloaded as a VR app.

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