Virtual Events

Location-independent online exhibitions & events in 3D & Virtual Reality


Events in a new dimension

Virtual  events and exhibitions allow direct customer contact online. They are open 365 days a year, regardless of location, and they can easily reach not just a few hundred, but an unlimited number of visitors! Interactive 3D and VR worlds make a visit to an exhibition an unforgettable experience for any visitor.

Flexible Event Space

Sphere.Events impresses with its attractive architecture and flexible configuration and expansion options. The Space can be easily adapted to your CI and is intuitively accessible in 3D and virtual reality. The environment can be designed interactively and products can be presented in 3D.

Award winning platform

ZREALITY Sphere has already received several awards for product innovation and excellence!

Registration Lobby

Your customers are welcomed in a lobby and can register to communicate with each other later via live chat and video conferencing. Interactive avatars or video walls introduce the visitor to the exhibition.

Live Stage & Auditorium

The auditorium has a live stage, central video wall and interactive second screen elements. Visitors can choose between tracks and lecture rooms at the touch of a button. For lectures & keynotes, previously recorded videos can be played or live streams can be integrated.

Exhibition Area

The exhibition space can be freely configured with products in 3D, posters or video walls. Interactive avatars invite the user to chat or video-conference. Contact forms support the generation of leads.

Our customers

Leading brands rely on ZREALITY Sphere technology to conduct virtual exhibitions & events.


Sphere.Events can be extended by any number of break-out sessions. Posters and presentations can be shown in the breakout rooms and discussed live via video and chat.

Networking Area

In the Networking Area all visitors of an event can meet and exchange live via video and chat.

Live Chat & Video Conferences

Sphere.Events has many integration possibilities for existing video conference software such as Zoom, Teams, Webex, GotoMeeting or Slack. This makes live virtual keynotes panel and discussions a reality. Interested customers can get in touch with you as an exhibitor directly via a chat or web conference.

Our customers

Leading brands rely on ZREALITY Sphere technology to conduct virtual exhibitions & events.

Multi Channel 3D

3D content on all channels is essential to reach every potential visitor of an online event or trade show. The Sphere.Events platform flexibly optimizes your content for all devices such as PC, Mac, iOS, Android and all major AR and VR headsets without development effort.

Content Management & Analytics

Manage various events in the Sphere Cloud. Create new events with templates, manage presentations & live streams and product data as 3D models, text, audio, images and videos. Integrate Google Analytics at the click of a button to capture real-time visitor data and behavior.

The benefits of virtual exhibitions & events are obvious

Reduce cost

Travel costs are an important issue especially in times of tight budgets and high prices. At physical events, participants not only have to organise and pay for travel by plane, car or public transport. They also lose valuable work and leisure time. This changes with the virtualization of events: Bills for flights, hotels and taxi rides are no longer incurred. This cost saving alone usually leads to a positive return on investment. This will be even greater if the costs for congress halls, exhibition space or catering are also taken into account, which are saved at a virtual event.

No time & space restrictions

While participation in a physical event has to decide whether to attend or not, virtual events can be much more selective. Only those parts of the event are visited that are really interesting – no matter how far apart they are in time or space. You just want to see a particular presentation, then visit a particular stand and briefly discuss something with the stand personnel? At an online event you can do this and don’t even have to leave your desk.

Increase of reach & interaction

Furthermore, the reach of an event can be significantly increased! Even if travel costs are not an obstacle, there are participants who cannot participate in a physical event for reasons of time alone. Ordinary broadcasting solutions can also increase the range, but this is at the expense of the interaction of the participants. With an online event, however, both can be achieved: increased reach combined with rich interaction.

Good for the environment

By virtualising an event, you also contribute to a sustainable economy. Travel (especially long distance flights) is a major cause of global warming. Virtual events make this extensive travel superfluous! Therefore an online event can often save several thousand tons of greenhouse gases.

Customer Testimonials

“ZREALITY has a unique technology we couldn’t find on the market. There is no provider that combines the functions of a content management system with WebVR technology. With the ZREALITY Sphere platform, ZDF Digital was able to create the “Digital Art Hall” in unimaginable quality. The Kunsthalle is a cultural offering that is unique in the world and is now available to a broad mass of users on the Internet”.
Yvonne Abbel

Leiter Interactive, ZDF Digital

ZREALITY stands for innovation in digital marketing and are the best at providing companies with a Cloud XR platform to showcase their products in virtual and augmented reality. ZREALITY’s unique technology dramatically lowers the barrier for everyone to create amazing AR and VR experiences. Sphere is the perfect tool for our ambitions to make the most of the Spatial Web.
Ronnie Peters

Creative Director, HyperloopTT

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