The top 6 augmented reality projects with a high return on investment

The world of augmented reality (AR) is diverse and offers numerous use cases with a high return on investment (ROI). Here is a summary of the top projects and trends that are having a significant impact in various industries:

  1. Education and training: Boeing has reduced training time by 75% through the use of Microsoft’s HoloLens, improving efficiency in production and assembly.
  2. Production and operations planning: BMW uses NVIDIA’s Omniverse to reduce production planning time by 30% by simulating all aspects of manufacturing operations. This shows how AR can play a key role in production planning and operations management.
  3. Customer service and technical support: Porsche has reduced service resolution times by up to 40% with an AR-based solution. This illustrates the potential of AR to improve customer service through remote support and fast problem resolution.
  4. Marketing and sales: AR technologies offer innovative ways to enhance the customer experience and promote sales. For example, AR can be used for virtual fitting rooms and interactive product presentations to enrich the shopping experience and positively influence purchasing decisions.
  5. Operational efficiency: Lockheed Martin saved over $1 million on the first day of using AR to guide assembly workers, highlighting operational efficiency and error reduction.
  6. Healthcare training: Medtronic saves $30,000 per training session with augmented reality by eliminating the need for physical training models. This shows how AR in healthcare can help to improve training and reduce costs.

The AR trends for 2024 show an increasing interest in AR-based gaming, mobile AR tools, wearables and 3D design & prototyping. In particular, the integration of AR into mobile applications and games, the development of wearable AR devices and the use of AR for more realistic design and prototyping processes are key areas that are driving growth and innovation in AR technology.

These projects and trends illustrate the enormous potential of augmented reality to transform industries and increase ROI. By improving operational efficiency, enriching the customer experience and innovating in product development, AR enables companies to implement future-oriented solutions and gain a competitive edge.