The “Vaillant Village” – a 3D consulting tool for heating technology engineers

Everyone knows the problem: technology for buildings is becoming more and more complex. Both house and heating installers are faced with increasingly difficult decisions: Which heating system fits the type of house? Which system meets the energy requirements? A heating system is expensive and will cost several thousand Euros. So its important to choose the optimal system for the customers need. Therefore Vaillant conceived the “Vaillant Village” as consulting tool for heating engineers, which easily showcases possible configurations of heating systems for different house types – no matter if it is an unrefurbished single-family house from the 70s or a modern new building: different solutions are presented and explained in an interactive 3D application.

The Vaillant Village shows a prototypical city with different house types such as new construction, multi-family house or an unrenovated house from the 70s that is to be renovated. The house types present different Vaillant solutions for heating and hot water production. The target group is heating engineers who want to advise their customers. The aim is to present possible solutions for specific customer needs and to explain them visually.

With the help of the ZREALITY platform, a web-based 3D app was developed that can be easily accessed by anyone with a browser and an Internet connection, no matter if you are using a tablet or PC, at any time and any place.

The first presentation took place during a virtual trade show at the end of March. Expansions are possible as an augmented or virtual reality app. With augmented reality, a heating engineer could present the heating components directly on site at the customer’s building and check space conditions. With virtual reality, even completely virtual sales talks would be possible without having to travel to the customer.

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