Top 5 facts about the market development of 3D Virtual Assistants with Conversational AI

Market growth: According to a report by Grand View Research, the global market for virtual assistants is estimated to exceed USD 25 billion by 2025. This shows significant growth compared to previous years and indicates increasing adoption and implementation of AI-based assistants. (Source: Grand View Research)

Labor savings: Juniper Research found that companies could save more than 8 billion hours of labor by 2023 through the use of AI assistants. This highlights the potential of AI assistants to increase efficiency and reduce costs. (Source: Juniper Research)

Enterprise adoption: A report from Business Insider found that 80% of companies will have implemented some form of chatbot system by 2021. This is an indicator of the growing adoption of AI-powered assistants in enterprises. (Source: Business Insider)

Customer preference: According to a survey by LivePerson, 70% of respondents prefer using chatbots for simple queries because they provide quick responses. This is especially relevant for 3D Virtual AI Assistants with Conversational AI, which can handle more complex queries. (Source: LivePerson)

Voice assistant market: According to a report by Canalys, the global market for voice-controlled assistants is expected to grow to 8.4 billion devices by 2024. This indicates a growing trend to shift interaction with technology to voice-based models, which will also influence the development of 3D Virtual AI Assistants with Conversational AI. (Source: Canalys)