Virtual car showroom for sensor technology – IEE S.A. chooses ZREALITY to visualize sensor components in 3D, Virtual and Augmented Reality

Cable harnesses run for kilometers through the entire vehicle, linking chassis, engine, chassis, and interior. In most newer models, dozens of sensors monitor every conceivable parameter – from the air pressure in the tires and the temperature in the footwell to the battery electronics in modern electric vehicles. And well over 50 distributed microcomputers – connected to the automotive data highways – calculate such diverse things as mirror positions, sunroof opening angles or the position of the throttle valve. The fact is: without electronics, no modern car would move.

IEE S.A is an experienced global manufacturer and supplier of advanced sensing solutions covering the automotive, building management & security markets. IEE has been developing and manufacturing world-class sensing solutions for over 30 years. From printed electronics to sophisticated radar and 3D camera technologies, IEE aims to deliver high quality products and anticipate industry needs. As an established automotive system supplier and component manufacturer, IEE works closely with leading car makers around the Globe. IEE’s sensors equip more than 400 million vehicles, making the driving experience safer and more comfortable. IEE excels at passenger and child safety, pioneered in occupant detection and occupant classification and their hands-off detection sensing solutions for assisted and automated driving has received the highest recognition in the field.

One of the core challenges of IEE is how to explain its technology to customers easily and how to sell its solutions more efficiently in the market. Due to COVID, staying in touch with customers becomes a challenge and increases the need to communicate digitally. With a clear dedication to digitize its business IEE was looking to create a new form of product presentation, which goes beyond platform to create a fully interactive product presentation in 3D, Virtual and Augmented Reality of all its automotive sensor components in a Virtual car showroom.

Therefore, ZREALITY created a modern generic virtual car, which integrates all sensor components of IEE and allows the user to explore them. Sensor components are described as annotation points and can be triggered by the user or be experienced in an animated tour through the car. Within each annotation additional content can be displayed, such as Text, Audio, Images and Videos. One highlight is the animated illustration of how IEE’s sensor technology helps to detect thermal issues in battery packs for cars. The user can see the flow from where and how a heat problem originated and how the sensor data is being visualized inside the car to the driver. Many other useful features such as looking inside the car with an x-ray view make the experience interesting for any customer. The car can be placed into different environments and easily updated with new content via the ZREALITY Sphere Cloud Content Management System. The virtual car can then be published to a Web 3D, Augmented or Virtual Reality app with a push of a button.

“Traditionally we have been working with animated movies to explain our products”, says Gabriele Tanson, Creative Directorate Graphics and Media of IEE. With ZREALITY technology we have fascinating new ways to present our products. We can have an interactive product “brochure” in 3D on our website to generate leads, our sales teams can present our sensor technology live at a customer projecting the virtual car into the meeting room of the customer or we can have people virtually sit in the car in our showroom with Virtual Reality glasses.”

“We see customers achieve +30% revenue increase using virtual technologies in the industrial sector”, says Michael Neidhöfer, CEO of ZREALITY. “Customers quickly realize the benefits of being able to reach anyone, anywhere more efficiently and stay in touch with their customers.

Experience the solution live on the Website of IEE