Virtual Reality finds its way into the fashion industry in virtual showrooms

Virtual Reality will make it easier for fashion designers to share their collections with partners from all over the world.

Various sample collections can be presented and discussed virtually in a digital showroom.

Virtual Reality reduces work processes and saves costs

Planning new lines often takes a lot of time. For designers, this usually means they need a lot of fabrics and patterns in advance. Due to numerous time and process-related interruptions, production can be significantly delayed. With virtual showrooms, however, this will change in the future. High-quality room templates from ZREALITY SPHERE enable a virtual product presentation independent of time and space. Using Virtual Reality, designs can already be presented during the planning phase and changes can be made digitally. With virtual rooms we develop an innovative product presentation of new lines.

What exactly happens in a virtual showroom?

With the help of ZREALITY SPHERE virtual rooms are easily created. Products can be easily presented and shared with customers and colleagues at the same time. Various sample lines are displayed on a virtual model in a digitally developed showroom. By using Virtual Reality it is possible to show different lines and samples alternately. Clothes appear photo-realistic in front of the eye and different possible combinations can easily be shown one after the other. By adjusting and focusing the lighting mood, a unique virtual experience is guaranteed. The most special thing is: The virtual presentation can take place anywhere and with several participants at the same time.

Act globally without having to fly around the world

Coordinating lines with international partners in different locations can be very time-consuming and complicated. However, this problem can be solved with Virtual Reality. In a virtual room, current designs can be quickly and easily viewed, improved and accepted. Manufacturers, retailers and suppliers meet digitally to review, rethink and make live changes to designs. In addition, products can be ordered directly and precisely from the virtual space. Companies such as Human Solutions, which already use this technology, can thus gain a considerable advantage. Because those who want to bring their clothing to market quickly can save production and shipping costs for sample cuts and at the same time completely eliminate process interruptions. With the use of Virtual Reality showrooms, face-to-face meetings are easily moved to virtual space.


Human Solutions has already tested the ZREALITY SPHERE showroom

Human Solutions is already a ZREALITY customer and is currently using our technology to create its own fashion showroom. Clothing can be viewed and modified live – with direct connection to a CAD system. ZREALITY SPHERE provided room templates that are easily configurable and designed with great attention to detail.