VR Workshop at BIC

Yesterday the first VR workshop took place in the Business + Innovation Center Kaiserslautern (bic).

The Innovation Center also considers the mixing and expansion of physical reality with the VR, AR and MR as an important opportunity to redesign processes in companies and to develop new business models. The aim of the event was to introduce and network startups, SMEs, universities and research institutes that develop and promote these technologies.

The DDG – Digital Devotion Group was thus also the focus of the event. The event was opened by our CDO Prof. Matthias Pfaff with an exciting keynote on the topic “Introduction in Virtual Worlds”.
In addition, several application examples from the region were presented. Among them, our customer LOOMIS presented its VR solution successfully implemented by ZREALITY for the sale of systems and support of service technicians. The application supports service technicians by using Remoteeye. On the other hand, General Dynamics European Land Systems presented the successful use of VR in training and further development. This solution was implemented by HoloCADview solution.

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